Model Runner

Octopus Designer is well equipped to work with locally saved models as well as with the models stored remotely on Octopus Server. Web version of Octopus Model Runner is the best suited for the production environment where any access to the models have to be limited in order to preserve a processing algorithm implemented with each model. With on-line Model Runner you can change only processor parameters and those changes are  applied only to the copy of an original model and have no effect on the model in Object Data base.

We made Octopus Model Runner as simple as we can. There are only two action buttons: Sync and Run Selected model - and "update" buttons that are located next to each parameter value that you allowed to edit. There is also Search text box. Just start typing there and you will filter all models that match search criteria. The Model List that you can see is on the client side, so from time to time you should want to refresh it by clicking on the Sync button and, of course, when you set all parameters you can click on Run Selected Model button and run selected model.

There is one more thing to remember. This Model Runner runs model on the server side. It means that if you run some model with a Console Sink processor, you would not see the results unless you have an access to the server terminal. We suggest to use Sinks with outputs that are accessible from the Internet for all models that you are going to run in on-line mode. From our experience Google spreadsheet is a great on-line tool to present results of on-line executed models. Databases with appropriate front end can be used as well, but they are less suitable for on-line collaborations.

Bellow is an Octopus Model Runner. All information about it is under previous Tab - Quick Start with Model Runner.
As we mentioned in "Quick start with Model Runner"  you should pay attention to the model's source and sink processors. Use only those models that have sources and sinks accessible from Internet. To help you start we are providing access to shared Google spreadsheets that you can use as source and sink for you models.

To access these spreadsheets login to one of Google demo accounts using following User Id's:,,, or - and use the same password for all of them: isasdemo. Open Google spreadsheet in separate browser window. In this case you can see and work with Model Runner and Google spreadsheet simultaneously.

LIMITATIONS. Due to limitations of db4o community edition (that we are using right now) Model Runner does not support execution of compound models (models that include processors that run other models). Community edition of db4o supports only one active connection at the time - compound models need more than one connection simultaneously. There are two compound models on the Octopus Server Repository right now:
  1. opti-pipeline_001;
  2. octopus-semantic-web_002.
To run this type of models you need to use Octopus designer.  

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