"If you do not know how to ask the question, you discover nothing."

W.Edward Deming

 The great steamroller called Big Data is picking up speed in each of its three vectors: Volume, Velocity, Variety.  And just as rapidly grows the list of high powered weaponry with names that have great prefixes like Dino- and Exa-, destined to capture the Big Data.  The question: "Why Big Data needs to be captured?" raises everyone's eyebrow.  But let us pause and take a long hard look at the present situation in the field of analytics or business intelligence, and we might notice some disturbing truths. 

Regardless of size and cost, appliances used for working with Big Data employ in the process the methodologies from the days of "Old Data". The ocean of information is poured onto the platters of hard drives, before the data is structured and queried endlessly according to "established rules". Ah, the generals are always trying to fight the previous war.  However, here are several modern age facts: querying Big Data, besides being hugely time consuming, can find proof for certain insights of which analyst is aware, while leaving in the dark trends of which analyst is completely unaware. More than 85% of data today is unstructured; its value is hidden in its semantics.  Structuring this data and running statistical methods on a small numerical subset of it, may prove to be an exercise in futility. Methodology based on attempting to combine all of the data in one location for analytical processing - is beginning to look like a dead end approach.  In the modern world, the rate of growth in hardware capacity will always be outmatched by the rate of data growth.  

To address the problem Lisa Park has developed a concept of Octopus Cloud Interactive Platform to support Model based analytics.

The primary target that we set for ourselves is to build a simple, intuitive and useful distributed real-time interactive and collaborative data analysis system and supporting infrastructure. Today we are making this system available for the community as an introductory version of Octopus CIP - a highly scalable and adaptive Enterprise Analytical Platform.

iSAS and Lisa Park are the companies behind the Octopus CIP. You can find more information about us on our sites:

web:  www.lisa-park.net ; e-mail:  info@lisa-park.com ; mobile: +1 215 696-4383